How I became an Outcast Journalist in the “FREE” world? This is a true storyI am a freelance Journalist accredited by the Australia News and Feature Services (ANFS) and the International News Syndicate (INS). However, I was deprived by the Director, Mr. Joseph Morris the right to enjoy any of the benefits derived from my accreditation as an accredited freelancer due to the content of one of the 10 assignments I submitted to the Academy …... This disavowed of my right to free opinion is to denied the democratic right of free speech and the progress of democracy….. (read more)






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I would like to dedicate this website to Mr. Joseph Morris, the director of Morris Journalism Academy and the parent companies - Australia News and Feature Services (ANFS) and International News Syndicate (INS) for reasons as follows:  

Our Objectives:

  Building a harmonise world through accurate information


  Anti-media disinformation


  Building a better world through exploring the weaknesses and strengths of different political system


  Anti-exploitation of developing countries




   Promote fairness and justice in international relations


   Anti-state terrorism and terrorism of all kinds


   Learn from the success of other cultures



Our Strategy:


   Using facts and figures to directly compare varies issues such as human rights, minority policy, war crimes etc, between the accusers and those being accused to eliminate bigotry and racism at International level.










Chua, Wei Ling


Text Box: Do not get angry with me over the facts I presented. Question me if I get my facts wrong!

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The Art of Media Disinformation is hurting the World and Humanity Series of Books


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Published: 28 Sept 2011

Format: Softcover and E-book

Pages: 248

Size 6 x 9 inches



The Art of Media Disinformation is Hurting the World and Humanity Series (New!)

5 years of research, 2 years of writing, 38 chapters and a 400,000 words manuscript is in the process of being restructured into 10 independent topics showing how the imperialist agenda-based Western media has manipulated news on the issues of democracy, human rights, freedom, terrorism, good governance, corruption, censorship and major events such as the so-called Tiananmen Square “Massacre” and Tibet. Such analysis will be incomplete without addressing the issues relating to how the US government recruits and funds career dissidents and separatist groups across the world to create social instability and incidents so as to smear against their targeted governments with the coordination of the Western media and NGOs… Read more    The following are the titles of our first 3 instalments:


1st of 10 instalments:


What the West can learn from China



Chinese edition 中文

2nd of 10 instalments:


Tiananmen Square “Massacre”? - The Power of Words vs Silent Evidence



Chinese edition 中文

3rd of 10 instalments:


The Untold Story—Chen Guangcheng & US government





Free resources and Story Ideas for Western Journalist

As a result of media disinformation and the Western education system, it would be reasonable for me to assume that most Western Journalists genuinely lack the knowledge of other cultures and their history. This session is created to provide story angles for Western Journalists to ponder…………....Enter

Media Disinformation

is a Disease in the Main Stream Western Media - We simply cannot trust what has shown on our TV screen or Newspaper, Why?

In this session, I will present a series of research in the form of short articles supported by actual examples to demonstrate to you how easy it is to demonise another culture or country.     Enter



Care For Australia

Australia can only continue to be a lucky country if we understand our own deficiency, and seek to make improvement…… Enter

Understand Developing Countries

Political stability is the key toward economic development and the unlock of social discontent and poverty reduction……………………………...Enter



Understand China—Culture of Peace

As China is the main target of on-going western governments and media’s abuse, I will begin my series of research on understand developing countries with China.. …………………….Enter

Human Rights—From Another Angles

Human rights is not a straightforward thing, This series of articles seek to explore the issues of Human Rights through a variety of angles aim at providing readers with a broader and more objective sense  of the terms “Freedom”, “Democracy” and “Human Rights”….Enter




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What really happened in Iraq?

Is Iraq better off after the ‘civilise’ world invasion? YouTube Video: Free Iraq, Free Tibet, a very good cause:


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law on Foreign Bribery - Stern Hu’s Case (Problem of corruption is a world issue, not just Chinese) (10 Aug 2010)


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