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A Salute to the Australia Top Intelligence Services

(This article is about what the main stream Western media failed to draw to your attention!)

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        The Australian Top Intelligence Services have demonstrated in a number of occasions the professionalism, truthfulness and dignifying way of presenting their Intelligence report to the elected government in Australia despite the political interference they often encountered.





















The issue here is if the main stream Western media, the supposedly “defender” of human rights, could used a fraction of their notoriously relenting tactic in demonising China to report in detail Andrew Wilkie’s story, and the story of other great American individual, Mr. Scott Ritter, a former UN Weapons Inspector (UNSCOM) in Iraq. This illegal and brutal war against Iraq may have been prevented. Millions of innocent life could have been spared, and million of suffering and displacement could have been avoided.















Case 2: A Salute to ONA and DIO


Weeks before the released of the Australia Defence White Paper, the Australian Newspaper website reported on 11 April 2009, a story with a heading “Spy chiefs cross swords over China as Kevin Rudd backs defence hawks. This story indicated that,


“the white paper drafting team led by Defence Department deputy secretary Mike Pezzullo appeared to ignore comprehensive assessments prepared by the intelligence agencies on China.”


“Both agencies ONA (Office of National Assessments ) and DIO (Defence Intelligence Organisation ) interpreted China's military build-up as largely a defensive response to the perceived threat of US naval power in the Pacific. “


"Even if China stays on its present trajectory and its economy goes gangbusters, in 2030 there will still be only one country with a capability of mounting an expeditionary force to threaten Australia and that's the US,"


According to the report, “Senior government sources said DIO had come under strong pressure to alter its China assessment to accommodate the contrasting views of Defence chiefs and the white paper team.”


The irony is, when the Defence White Paper was finally released using China threat as an excuse for an historic A$72 billion military expansion at a time of a projected 2009/10 budget deficit of AUD59 billion . Hardly any newspapers, TVs or radio news in Australia  mentioned about the ONA and DIO comprehensive assessments on the issue of China threat.


Our media seem to be delighted with the news, and carry all kind of articles about China threat. The most amazing article is from the March/April Issue of the Diplomat Magazine, carrying a syndication article with an editor highlight:  ‘Why does China need a blue-water navy when the US Navy already polices the world oceans?’


I reckon, we can only find this kind of arrogant statement from the Western media. The mentality is simply snobbish and unbelievably non-reasoning and self-righteous.


Written on 18 Oct 2009


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Chua, Wei Ling


Case 1: A Salute to Mr. Andrew Wilkie


Andrew Wilkie was a lieutenant colonel in the Australia Defence Force before he joined ONA (Office of National Assessments ) as a Senior Strategic Analyst. From 1999 to 2000, he worked on a range of issues including Kosovo, terrorism, WMD and border protection. He returned to ONA shortly after the September 11 attack to become the Senior Transnational Issues Analyst.


In March 2003, Andrew Wilkie resigned from the Australia’s senior intelligence agency, ONA, in protest over the looming Iraq war.


In the book, Axis of Deceit (2004), Wilkie examines how the case for war made in Washington, London and Canberra. With Unique insight, he explains how three government routinely skewed, spun and fabricated the relevant intelligence. He warns of further crises, as more and more is demanded of Western intelligence agencies at the same time as increasing politicisation undermines their work. He also offers a rare glimpse into the world of international intelligence and life as a “spook”.

Reader should note that during the seven years that UN weapons inspections took place in Iraq (until they were banned in 1998), Scott Ritter, (a former UN Marines in the first Gulf war, attaining the rank of major) and other inspectors confirmed that Saddam Hussein’s chemical, biological and nuclear weapons program had effectively been destroyed.


In facts, if one traced the sources of Saddam’s weapon of mass destruction, the United States of America were the major supplier during the 8 years of Saddam aggression against Iran.



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