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Another case of media fuelled racism in Australia

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Mass media is the heart and soul of a nation. Many people rely upon the mass media for information and entertainment including the bureaucrats working for the government. It was reported by the Brisbane Time on the 15th Oct 2009 under the heading - Rudd policy on China 'set by BHP', with the following statement from Mr Joske (an economic adviser to former treasurer Peter Costello in the 1990s):


''There's no one in Treasury who can tell up from down on China, beyond what they read in the newspapers.''


The fact that the Australian media industry and politicians totally silence on the latest ABS crime figures is an indication that the media industry is fully aware of the impact to the society if the Australian people were made aware of the massive number of violence crimes against household properties across the country within a mere 12 months period.


However, what I cannot understand is that, why aren’t our media industry exercise the same level of restraint and responsibility to avoid unnecessary negative racial profiling in their report.


For example,  over the last few weeks, the hottest topic across the country is the “botched insulation program” after four deaths, 100 fires and the government admission of 80,000 homes at risk. (News Limited, 20 Feb 2010).


One of the reason that caused fire was due to some doggy installers using doggy materials for insulation. It was shown on channel 9 on the 17th March 2010 in the morning show “TODAY” at around 7.30am that, some old foams apparently (may be) from discarded old beds had been used as materials for insulation that caused the latest house fire.


This is by right a simple case of doggy installer using doggy materials for insulation. However, the TODAY show reported it as installer using “Doggy Chinese Beds”. Why?


Why didn’t Channel 9 used the term “Doggy Aussie’s installer using doggy materials” ? Why it has to be installer using “doggy Chinese bed”?  Why out of sudden the term Chinese connected to the word “doggy” and house fire? Why assumed that the foam has to be from a Chinese bed? If you visit some of the nation wide foam suppliers such as Clark Rubber you may find exactly the same type of foam on sales not necessarily as a bed.


Racism will continue to be a serious problem in Australia if our politicians and media industry continue the current policy of unnecessary negative racial profiling against minorities in Australia. 


I urged that someone with legal expertise should campaign in the United Nation to outlaw this kind of media behaviour as a form of human right violation. This kind of media behaviour is strictly speaking an act against humanity and world peace as it fuelled racism, racial discrimination and racist attacks within a country. As a result it promote hatred amongst mankind of different skin colour.


Please read also my recent research on the issues of racism in Australia to understand the causes and solutions to the problem:

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· Politician Fuels Racism - Are You “Mainstream” Australians? (1 Feb 2010)


By the way, I wasn’t a Chinese National Immigrant to Australia like some readers suggested at Disinformation website in their comments. I was born in Singapore and my father was born in Indonesia. I hope that my research supported by facts, figures and actual examples will help Australians seeing thing from angles our mainstream media and politicians very often deliberately omitted or distorted.


Anybody who felt offended by my articles, please accept my sincere apology.


Written on 19 March 2010


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