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The Art of Media Disinformation is Hurting the World and Humanity Series

About this series of books (read after the pictures)

Text Box: Our Objectives:
  Building a harmonise world through accurate information

  Anti-media disinformation

  Building a better world through exploring the weaknesses and strengths of different political system

  Anti-exploitation of developing countries


   Promote fairness and justice in international relations

   Anti-state terrorism and terrorism of all kinds

   Learn from the success of other cultures

Our Strategy:

   Using facts and figures to directly compare varies issues such as human rights, minority policy, war crimes etc, between the accusers and those being accused to eliminate bigotry and racism at International level.

About This Series of Books

This is the first of a series of books on the issue of media disinformation and how it is hurting the world and humanity’. It is an evidence-based analysis supported by actual examples, events and incidents. My intention is not to demonise any country, but to highlight the indoctrinated disinformation and agenda-based imperialist “journalism” relentlessly pursued by the morally corrupt and ethically bankrupt mainstream Western media (hereafter, will be referred to as ‘mainstream media’).

The issues of democracy, freedom, human rights and good governance are not as simple and straightforward as we are told by the mainstream media. Western democracy is by no mean a solution to all the human problems. There are good reasons behind everything that occurs in each country beyond the selective and distorted information circulated by the mainstream media.

There are good reasons why life was better off for the average Iraqi under Saddam Hussein, the Afghani under the Taliban, and the Libyans under Gaddafi, than the respective puppet regimes installed by Western governments through violent means. There are good reasons why there was little or no sectarian violence under Saddam Hussein, the Taliban and Gaddafi, yet this has become a daily routine after Western “humanitarian” intervention.

There are good reasons why the majority in Syria - including the Christian population - supported the Assad government. There are also good reasons why the Kurds in Syria are flighting the Western backed rebels. As well, there are good reasons why Western economic sanctions and Western-backed anti-Assad terrorists (mainly from outside Syria) failed to overthrow the Syrian government after two years of relentless terrorism inside Syria, destroying 9,000 state buildings, taking the lives of more than 100,000, and displacing millions in the process.  

There are good reasons why China managed to be the first human civilisation to overcome tribalism and become united people in 221BC, while most European countries could only achieve that between the last 150 to 500 years. There are also good reasons why the so-called “Han Chinese” is actually a mixture of a dozen or more ethnic groups with their own distinctive languages, traditions and cultures, and yet happily regard themselves as “Han”.

There are good reasons why China was able to hold up as a nation over the last more than two thousand years despite periods of social turbulence and foreign invasions, while the Roman Empire has disintegrated into nothing more than a memory in the textbooks.

There are good reasons why China led the world economically for two thousand years prior to the Opium War in 1840, was able to revive itself after 1949, and is now likely to again become the world’s largest economy within a decade or so.

There are good reasons why China married their princesses; built, modified, extended and maintained the Great Wall from dynasties to dynasties (exact length: 21,196.18km); used trade (e.g. Silk-Road) and a tribute system as part of their defend strategies instead of resorting to colonialism, exploitation and slavery of others, and were able to absorb many of their former invaders (e.g. Mongolians of the Yuan Dynasty and Manchurians of the Qing Dynasty) into their society without the kind of ethnic cleansing native populations have experienced in America, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Despite the wealth and military might of the US and NATO, there are good reasons why the world’s most powerful military coalitions were unable to win the Korean War; were defeated in the Vietnam war, and again defeated in Afghanistan and Iraq by the weaker people who were willing to sacrifice their own lives with bombs strapped around their bodies. There are good reasons why state terrorism is no longer profitable and now unable to make Western countries any safer.

There are good reasons why American diplomats were killed, and CIA officers were unable to feel safe in Benghazi - the so-called heartland of the “Libyan Revolution” - after the death of Gaddafi.

Beyond the media rhetoric of being a brutal regime, there are good reasons why the Communist Government in China has consistently led the world in citizen satisfaction in a number of opinion surveys, including the annual American-based PEW survey, while countries under Western democracies are persistently receiving very low ratings in citizen satisfaction in the same survey.

For people who acquire their information solely from the mainstream media, this series of books is guaranteed to provide surprising insight about why, how and what has actually happened across the world.

Through the presentation of facts, people will realise that the current form of Western democracy is just an illusion, as the voting system is nothing more than the skeletal structure of a human body without blood and flesh. Genuine democracy can only be achieved through cultural reform, and a reform to the internal structure of a political and party system. The surprise is that the Communist Party of China (CCP or CPC) has successfully practised such a higher form of democracy and is in the process of perfecting the political process through the internal design of the party system and public administration.

I hope that, by seeking TRUTH from indoctrinated information, we will enable TRUTH to flourish across the world. Genuine equality, fairness and justice for the entire human race would then find its way to every corner of the world. Through the presentation of TRUTHS supported by sound reasoning, logic and evidence, I hope that the merits, wisdom and experience of every human civilisation – big or small – will find their way to enrich the world’s civilisations.

Only through accurate information will the world’s people be able to foster mutual understanding, respect and acceptance. Only through accurate information will the true aggressors and brutal governments be then scrutinised by the world’s people and their own citizens. Only through accurate information will the world be able to understand in an objective manner the connections between the state of an economy, political stability, freedom, human rights, democracy, and good governance. The world’s civilisations would then be able to overcome their xenophobic perceptions of each other and learn to adjust themselves for the common good of the planet, the environment and the survival of humanity. Peaceful coexistence among mankind would then be a step closer.

Despite such being my intention, the evidence I present in this series of books will no doubt upset some within the Western society as many of these people are brought up to believe that they are culturally more humane and superior to the rest of the world. Through the repeated use of the term ‘Western values’ in the mainstream media, Western societies seem to regard their governments’ ongoing military aggression across the globe – which have resulted in the deaths, injuries and displacement of millions - as ‘humanitarian intervention’.

There are good reasons why the word “discovery” was used in school textbooks when Columbus set foot on America, and Cook on Australia, as if the original residents in those territories were not human beings and had to be “discovered” by a higher being.

The power and ability of the well funded propaganda machine in the West in dictating and brainwashing the world opinion on a variety of issues can never be under estimate.  I can only hope that people will exercise objectivity to examine the accuracy of the information I present in this series of books. People are welcome to question me if any part of the information is inaccurate at wchua62@gmail.com. 

Through exploring a series of topics such as democracy, human rights, freedom, minority policies, corruption, good governance, terrorism, culture of indoctrination, media control and censorship, political dissidents, NGOs, and certain highly distorted historical events such as the so-called Tiananmen Square “massacre”, “free” Tibet and China’s one-child policy, I hope that my evidence-based analysis will inspire a movement to boycott the agenda-based imperialist mainstream media for the common good of mankind.

It is very easy to tell lies, but a lot harder to prove a lie, especially when the lies are generated through a well-funded multibillion-dollar industry that controls what editors should accept, and what journalists should write through the workings of the market economy and job market. In particular, many such rumours are generated by the US government and corporation-funded NGOs, academics, writers, journalists and career “dissidents” who have profited from exaggerating an incident or simply make up stories to stir social dissatisfaction and hatred against their targeted governments under the coordination of the mainstream media. Proving the existence of such a complex propaganda network is a challenge that this series of books seeks to explore.

I started to explore the issues of media disinformation in 2008 with dozens of articles published on the Internet. I began to spend time since the beginning of 2012 to consolidate my thoughts and research into an over four hundred thousand word manuscript. The initial idea was to write 15 chapters, but in the process of putting my thoughts into one book, I have uncovered new angles, new research methodologies, new evidence and resources to empower my analysis. As the manuscript has expanded to 38 chapters with thousands of documentations, citations and references and become too costly to produce, I decided to restructure the content and break down the manuscript into a series of books published in instalments under the title: ‘The Art of Media Disinformation is Hurting the World and Humanity’, and their respective subtitles.

The following subtitle is the first of this series:

Democracy – What the West can learn from China

Coming soon:

Tiananmen Square “Massacre”? – The Power of Words vs. Silent Evidence

The Untold Story – Chen Guangcheng & US Government

[Note: There should be at least 10 instalments in this series of books. All the instalments will carry the latest information and examples. The subtitles may change at the time of release.]


Posted on 31 August, 2013




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Democracy - What the West can learn from China (1st of 10 instalments)

This book provides an in-depth evidence-based analysis on the issue of democracy and good governance using actual examples comparing the Chinese and Western political systems based on theories, structure and performance. The current Chinese political system is designed for wide-base consultation with socialism as their core value whilst avoiding the flaws inherent in the design and structure of the Western political system. Despite the democratic nature of Chinese politics that persistently attracts a very high level of citizen satisfaction in each and every public opinion survey when compared to any Western democracy, the Western media has successfully brainwashed the world into believing that the Communist Government in China is an autocratic regime. This book shows us how. Available Now!  Chinese edition 中文 available in 2014

Tiananmen Square “Massacre”? - The Power of Words vs. Silent Evidence (2nd of 10 instalments) The so-called Tiananmen Square “Massacre” is one of the most misleading events the US government and the Western media have used to demonise the Chinese government each and every year since 1989. There was ample silent evidence in the images produced by the Western media that told the story of a highly restrained and caring Chinese government facing a protest  similar to those in the West at varies stages of their economic development. However, the West and anti-communist forces had capitalised on the situation in 1989 to fuel the public’s anger intending to overthrown a good government. How the Western media lied about a massacre given the silent evidence that suggests otherwise, and the moral implications of Western powers making use of common pain and dissatisfaction within an economic cycle of a society to justify the overthrowing of governments across the globe are issues that this book is structured to explore.   Available Now! 

The Untold Story—Chinese “Dissidents” & US government (3rd of 10 instalments)

Through the investigation of the complex relationship between Chen Guangcheng (the so-called blind Chinese “lawyer”) and the US government, this book addresses the issues relating to how the US government recruits and funds career dissidents in China to create social instability and incidents so  the Western media and NGOs could carry out an coordinated smear campaign against the Communist government from time to time.

[Status: Work in progress] Note: I have changed the title from “Chen Guangcheng & US government” to “Chinese “Dissidents” & US Government”, so it will take a while to complete.