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In response to my Final Notice with date line on 23 march 2009

Belinda Sharp, General Manager of Morris Journalism Academy sent me an e-mail dated 23 March 2009 trying to limit my membership in INS

Text Box: Our Objectives:
  Building a harmonise world through accurate information

  Anti-media disinformation

  Building a better world through exploring the weaknesses and strengths of different political system

  Anti-exploitation of developing countries


   Promote fairness and justice in international relations

   Anti-state terrorism and terrorism of all kinds

   Learn from the success of other cultures

Our Strategy:

   Using facts and figures to directly compare varies issues such as human rights, minority policy, war crimes etc, between the accusers and those being accused to eliminate bigotry and racism at International level.


Dear Wei Ling,


We can not find record of your accreditation with International News Syndicate limited. 


We can find record of your application for a Media Pass but we can’t in fact find your application for accreditation with International News Syndicate Limited and as such do not believe that you are currently accredited.  May we have this information please?  


Would you kindly read the attachment herewith and complete the personal details and return this to us via email or post.  


Thank you Wei Ling and we look forward to receiving this at your earliest convenience.


Kind regards,

Belinda Sharp

General Manager
Morris Journalism Academy
Morris Media Building
497 New South Head Road
PO Box 1738
Double Bay NSW 2028
+61 2 9327 7778
F  +61 2 9327 1174


PS: Is this the ‘welcome letter’ you said you didn’t receive.  We do have a record of sending this to you.



Below is the content of the so-called welcome letter send to me by Belinda Sharp, the term and condition is to effectively deprive me the right to write anything political for INS syndication service


About the International News Syndicate


We syndicate material in two ways:


Via direct e-mail contact to media buyers who we identify as having a perceived interest in the nature of the material being offered.


Via our website for more general material.


International News Syndicate offers a syndication service for the following material and more:


· Human Interest

· Health & Fitness

· Unusual Sport

· Business & Finance How To

· Personal Development

· Home & Garden

· Outdoor adventure

· Travel



International News Syndicate may, in its absolute discretion, decline material which is submitted for possible syndication. No reason for declining material will be offered by INS or expected by the author.


International News Syndicate (INS) does not offer literary criticism or advice.


When material is accepted by International News Syndicate (INS) it in no way constitutes an agreement or promise the submitted material can or will be sold.


Upon successful completion of their course, graduates of the Morris Journalism Academy, the British College of Journalism and the American College of Journalism are automatically entitled to accreditation with International News Syndicate if they wish to avail themselves of this service. Graduates of these training programmes can submit material to INS for syndication and potential purchase by media buyers.


International News Syndicate (INS) targets print media buyers – newspapers, magazines and Internet websites.


It should be noted, at the time of writing, Internet website media buyers pay extremely low rates for material. Many do not qualify under INS guidelines for acceptable payment of word rate.


International News Syndicate (INS) does not deal in “breaking news”. The service concentrates on timeless feature articles, that is, stories that don’t age overnight. For example, how-to articles, travel features, interviews, personal experience and human interest.



Important note for freelance writers:

There is no substitute for making a habit of dealing directly with editors and building personal and lasting relationships. Editors and publishers buy syndicated material but it would be fair to say they all have a preference for working with freelance journalists with whom they have worked previously – writers who are familiar with their title, the readership, the nature of stories they carry, average word length, technical slant and use of jargon, if any, etc.  And, most important freelance journalists who they know are professional in their dealings and can deliver competent material according to the brief they have been given.


Previously this service was offered through Australian News & Feature Service Pty Limited but has now amalgamated with International News Syndicate Limited to reflect the more “global” nature of the site.


To access the services provided by International News Syndicate (INS), you need to be registered with us as a media buyer or INS accredited freelance writer. This includes full access to the INS website.


There is also the opportunity for commissioned assignments. These are usually requests from media buyers publishing in one country and looking for reliable and competent freelancers living in another country or specific geographical location. 


International News Syndicate (INS) also welcomes and relies upon beginning freelance writers for competent feature material. Why? Because the world's media has an insatiable appetite for new material and new talent. Where are the best stories likely to be found? The answer is everywhere, frequently in the most unlikely places. Our freelancers are often there.



Important note for editors/publishers:

The International News Syndicate provides a world-wide source of quality freelance media content. However, we don’t concentrate on breaking news. Instead, we provide feature articles of every description. These range from follow-ups of breaking news stories to timeless feature articles.

If you’re on a deadline and looking for pages to fill for any “niche” publishing market, INS can provide what you’re looking for. From autos and aviation through to zoolology and z
oophobia, we have feature material to suit or can match you with a competent freelancer who can provide this material according to your brief.

We offer quality feature material dealing with; general interest, all sports, business and finance, conservation, hobby and craft, home and garden, health and fitness, personal computers, photography,  self-improvement, travel, retirement and more.

INS has created a world’s first by bringing freelance writers and buyers of freelance material together in such an intimate and professional manner.

All our material is competitively priced and based on your usage, for example, world or local rights and duration of these rights.



Terms & Conditions


International News Syndicate has the absolute right to negotiate payments and terms of payment with media buyers. In submitting material to INS, the author acknowledges this right.


In submitting material to INS, the author acknowledges he/she has copyright and industrial property rights in the material provided for proposed syndication.


Internationals News Syndicate can choose to accept or decline material submitted for syndication at its complete discretion.


No reasons will be provided for declining a syndication request


International News Syndicate does not provide any form of literary criticism of material submitted for syndication.


When material is accepted for syndication, International News Syndicate will choose, in its absolute discretion, the appropriate method of syndication. Material accepted for syndication will not necessarily be placed on the International News Syndicate website


International News Syndicate may choose to contact media buys directly by e-mail with syndicated material it, in its discretion’ considers might be suitable for niche publishing markets.


It is agreed International News Syndicate does not market to media buyers who, at the date of receipt of these terms and conditions, do not pay a minimum of AUD 50 cents per word for syndicated copy.


International News Syndicate does not accept responsibility for lost material.


International News Syndicate does not accept for defaulting debtors.


In submitting material to INS, the author acknowledges INS should not and cannot be held responsible for infringements or breaches of copyright by third parties.




The website link for International News Syndicate is www.internationalnewssyndicate.com







The International News Syndicate website is currently undergoing redevelopment. Please revisit the site in a month or so and you’ll find a host of free resource material including new writing opportunities for freelancers, freelance writing tips, marketing guidelines, etc.

Application for Accreditation

with International News Syndicate Limited



For graduates of British College of Journalism, American College of Journalism and Morris Journalism Academy,




Name:                (INSERT HERE)



Address:                         (INSERT HERE)



Phone:                (INSERT HERE)






E-mail:               (INSERT HERE)



Former student number:           (INSERT HERE)



Briefly list where you have been published previously: (INSERT HERE)



Links to previously-published material. Or, please provide PDF photocopies as attachments



Your freelance specialties. Place name no more than five. Ideally, you will have previously written about and been published in these areas.



It is agreed in submitting this application, via e-mail or post, you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of being accredited with International News Syndicate.




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