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Text Box: My reply to Joseph Morris E-mail dated 9 march 2009 in 2 parts:
Reply- Part I of 2 - Principle Issues vs. Political Comment? Dated 17 March 2009
Text Box: Our Objectives:
  Building a harmonise world through accurate information

  Anti-media disinformation

  Building a better world through exploring the weaknesses and strengths of different political system

  Anti-exploitation of developing countries


   Promote fairness and justice in international relations

   Anti-state terrorism and terrorism of all kinds

   Learn from the success of other cultures

Our Strategy:

   Using facts and figures to directly compare varies issues such as human rights, minority policy, war crimes etc, between the accusers and those being accused to eliminate bigotry and racism at International level.


Dear Mr. Morris,


Thanks for your detail comment on my article “Understand China”  sent as an attachment.


I have shown your detail remarks re “political comment” to an Australia born freelance writer this morning. He says that you have effectively make me a “news reporter”.  That is, “person who don’t require to think, just report.”


I think we both have been carrying away with emotion over the last few weeks. In order not to divert attention  from the principle issues in this dispute, I decided to address my analysis  on the issue of your  “political comment” in the next e-mail under the subject box (part II of 2 – you are not fair to me in your “political comment”).


Principle issue 1


In your academy printed “PROSPECTUS”, under the heading “Your Guarantee”, there is a statement:


“If at the end of the Course the examining Board feels the Diploma should be withheld, the Course will be extended at no cost. If, after a further period of tuition determined by your tutor, you have still not reached a stage where the Diploma can be awarded, your Course fee will be refunded in full.”


Your Academy had officially informed me through e-mail on 27/01/09 about my successful completion of the Course. Below is a scan image of my media pass issued by your parent company – ANFS,

Chua Media Pass.jpg


Question: Do you recognise my accreditation as a Freelance Journalist?


Principle Issue 2


In your academy printed “PROSPECTUS”, under the headings “Your New Credentials” and “5 More Good Reasons To Do This Course”, the benefits of the Course after accreditation in print are as follows:


This accreditation places you on our published register of freelance writers and other media providers.  (Question: Have you done that yet? When? When are you going to do that?)


Your completed material is featured on our web pages for editors to buy and download (also, the promotion of your material throughout Australia and worldwide).


Your own web listing with ANFS


Your material listed and ready for purchase on our main web site.


Briefing, our monthly electronic newsletter providing new writing opportunities, contact and commend from editors, copywriting techniques, professional marketing guidelines and much more.




Also, under the heading “Your Guarantees”, you have the following statements:


We guarantee you’ll earn your Course fees from what you write!


We guarantee you’ll be published! We’ll also continue working with you until you receive your first cheque. Certainly, you can expect to be well on the way towards being published by the end of the Course. However, we’ll keep working with you until you receive your first cheque.


Also, under the heading “10 Good Reasons To Become A Freelance Journalist”, you have the following statements in the “PROSPECTUS”:


You can specialise in your passion.


….many freelance writers didn’t set out deliberately on this course. Instead, they entered the industry because they felt they had something to say – usually about a subject they have a passion……… competent freelance writers come from all fields.


…….if you are looking for employment in the media industry the first question any editor will ask is: “What have you had published previously?”. This is your most important qualification………. (Note the statement: “This is your most important qualification).




Why didn’t the Academy or ANFS enclose a  Welcome letter to new member when I received my media pass on the 13/02/09 ?


Why didn’t the student service of the Academy response to my e-mail enquiry dated 14/02/09 about my entitlements?


 Please have a look at all our previous correspondents and ask yourself,  did you bother to make an effort to fulfil any of your above written promise outlined under the sub-heading -  Principle Issue 2?


When are you going to keep your written promise and allow me the gain access to your INS website like other accredited freelance journalists?


Please do not tell me that your website is under major upgrade and I am unable to access at the moment as:


I am a web designer myself and I know that any “major upgrade” can be done without affecting the existing operation.


I have a good browse through your website: http://www.internationalnewssyndicate.com/, there are login page when you click on “Editors log in here”, or “Accredited Freelancers”, or “Find Articles”, or “Submit Articles”.  The structure of this web pages is consistent with your offer of:


Your completed material is featured on our web pages for editors to buy and download (also, the promotion of your material throughout Australia and worldwide).


Your own web listing with ANFS


Your material listed and ready for purchase on our main web site.


                        There is no statement of any kind in your website stating that : “This web site is under major upgrade and you are unable to access for the time being”.


Questions: So, why can’t I have my web listing now? Why can’t I enjoy the entitlements as an accredited freelance journalist like others now?



Last week, when I sent my son to school, on the way to work, I saw a man in his 30th, standing right next to his car at the side of a busy road with a big sign “I want to Work!” . He has done that continuously for 4 days. I felt like  doing something to help him by taking a photo of him and writing  his story to inspire people who recently lost their job or about to lose their job in this recession to be positive and self motivated.  Unfortunately,  due to the fact that you deprive me from my entitlements, I am unable to do something to help that man.


In your tutorial, whenever the advantages of syndication is mentioned, the academy realise that, writers may not have the time to do their own marketing, hence syndication. As you may be aware of, I am working 6 days a week. I basically have no time to do my marketing, and have to rely on your website (my entitlement after accreditation) to do the job.


In your website, it was mentioned that, you have “freelancers in 80 countries and territories”.  If everybody like myself  have to submit articles to admin@internationalnewssyndicate.com for your personal screening and approval.  I cannot imagine you still have time left to do anything else.


All accredited freelance journalists (including myself) should be allow to built our own web listing as promised, and feature our story ideas and articles for editors participating in the syndicate to decide for themselves if they want to commission those articles. Our job as a freelancers are supposed to come out with our own story ideas and try to sales them.


In order not to divert from the above principle issues. I will stop here for this e-mail.


In my next e-mail, I will examine in detail the statements you made re my articles “Understand China” and let you know that, many of the comments you made were unfair, bias, and uninformed at your end.


Sorry, I have no idea how to communicate with you effectively without putting all the facts in a straight forward manner.


This is a democratic society, and freedom of speech and freedom of expression are supposed to be respected.  I hope that my basic right will be respected, and my contract right will also be respected.


Please allow me a free access to INS website as an accredited member without further delay.


Thank you very much


Kind regards


Wei Ling Chua





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