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My reply to Joseph Morris E-mail dated 9 march 2009 in 2 parts:

Final Notice - part II of 2 – you are not fair to me in your “political comment” dated 19 March 2009

Text Box: Our Objectives:
  Building a harmonise world through accurate information

  Anti-media disinformation

  Building a better world through exploring the weaknesses and strengths of different political system

  Anti-exploitation of developing countries


   Promote fairness and justice in international relations

   Anti-state terrorism and terrorism of all kinds

   Learn from the success of other cultures

Our Strategy:

   Using facts and figures to directly compare varies issues such as human rights, minority policy, war crimes etc, between the accusers and those being accused to eliminate bigotry and racism at International level.

Dear Mr. Morris,


I hope that this is not going to be used as a distraction from the Principle Issues I outlined in my earlier e-mail dated 17/03/09 under the subject box: Part I of 2 - Principle Issues vs. Political Comment?


Before I begin to examine in detail the statements you made in your e-mail attachment dated 09/03/2009 re my article “Understand China” to demonstrate that many of your comments were unfair, bias and uninformed at your own end. I would like to repeat the 2 principle issues mentioned in Part I of my e-mail to you as follows:


Do you recognise my accreditation by your own Academy dated 27/01/09?


Will you honour all the benefits promised in print by your Academy “at the completion of the Course” (outlined in part I of my e-mail to you dated 17/03/09 under the sub heading: Principle Issue 2)? 


Again, please do not tell me that your website is under major upgrade and it is not available for me to access. Both you and I know that it is not true! 


It is very easy to find excuse to divert attention away from the Principle issues stated above.  I almost fall into that trap over the last few weeks.


There are logical explanation behind every behaviour:  Since my submission of the assignment that questioned the objectivities of the Western Media dated 16/12/08, the Academy has effectively treated me like an “outcast” in a discriminatory manner.   I can not make any such claim earlier as people of your credible are very good in the way you structured your wording, and divert the attention away from the Principle Issues.


However, after going through the last 3 months of correspondents, through the use of behavioural science, I believe that I am now in the position to make a case to proof my point if I am forced to do so.


I hope you will honour your own Academy written offer “at the completion of the Course” without further delay. Any further delay will be treated as discriminatory with the intention to deprive me the equal opportunity to develop a career in the industry.  Please bear in mind that, I paid $1095 for the Course, and there are contractual obligation in your part to fulfil all the written promise without further delay.


Now, please allow me to point out in a convincing way, those statements you made in your e-mail attachment dated 09/03/2009 re my article “Understand China” are totally unfair, bias and uninformed at your own end. In fact, I should add one more thing, you have done that with “Ill intention” with the motive to deprive me my legal entitlements promise by the academy before enrolment.


One of the criticism you made on my article “Understand China” is that my article is “about 2300 words, far too many for most publications”. The issue here is:


The actual word count for that article including my name, address and contacts etc are 1885 words, not 2300. I am not sure how you can come out with the figure “about 2300”?. You should have use the word count function in your Microsoft word software to do the job for you. Accurate reporting is one of the quality a journalist must have.


You are very critical to every statement I made in my article. For example,  the criticism you make to the statement I wrote: “the health data collected by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2002 indicated that, the average life span of the indigenous population is still 17 years below the Australian National average” is: “You are apparently using data from 2002. This is now seven years old. Nobody is interested; there are new statistics on indigenous lifespan.”


You have no idea how uninformed you are regarding the issue of our indigenous population lifespan in Australia. Since our Prime Minister delivered his public apology to the indigenous people in 2008, it was widely reported in all major newspapers and TVs across Australia that “the average lifespan of our indigenous population is 17 years below the national average”.


Below is just some links to prove my point (I only use 2 minutes to Google for the links):

Lifespan of Aborigines 'shameful'- The Australian: http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,20867,21779026-2702,00.html

Australian Indigenous Life Expectancy among World  Poorest: http://www.blognow.com.au/journospeak/49361/AUSTRALIAN_INDIGENOUS_LIFE_EXPECTANCY_AMONG_WORLD39S_POOREST.html

Bleak Picture of Aborigines life expectancy: The Guardian: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2006/jun/21/australia


Note 1: Non of the above reports mentioned their sources is based on data collected in 2002 by ABS. As a serious Journalist, I took the trouble to trace and mentioned the original source in my article. You should have   complement me for my effort instead of criticism.   (One of the problem with the standard of  our media these day is, everybody seem to quote something from others without verifying the original source. I remember watching one of the current affair program through my satellite TV last year, a senior Journalist from Hong Kong (Phoenix TV) asked his American interviewee (also a journalist), where did he get the figure “100,000 killed in Rwanda”? The Journalist reply: “Everybody say that”.)


   Note 2: By the way, please provide me the link to prove your claim that “there are new statistics on indigenous lifespan”.


Again, when I wrote in my “Understand China” article with this statement: “The above Human Rights History of Australia is just a classic example of Human Rights Record of most Western Countries such as USA, Canada, UK and New Zealand”. you criticised my statements as “Comment. Political Comment, actually. Your political comment”:


Frankly, I do not think so the above statement is not base on fact. Again I use 2 minutes of my time to Google with the following result:


The American Indian Genocide Museum: http://www.aigenom.com/

The Canadian Holocaust - Genocide Of The Indian Peoples In Canada: http://www.akha.org/content/humanrightsdocs/thecanadiangenocide.html

The Genocide of Moriori on the Chatham Islands: http://www.worldhistoryblog.com/2008/01/genocide-of-moriori-on-chatham-islands.html

UK as the colonial master in all the above cases, is of course involved in all the above human rights incidents.


Note: To avoid the over use of information outline in your Academy Tutorial material  under the sub-heading “TOO MUCH INFORMATION” (Tutorial  8, page 27), I did not mention the human right history of:

African Slavery

Vietnam War

Daily killing of innocent children and women in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan

Torture… etc.


Again a 2 minute search on Google with the following result to prove that my statement regarding Western Countries Human Rights history as facts and not “political statement”:


UN to query Australia on possible human rights breaches: http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/news/national/un-to-query-australia-on-possible-human-rights-breaches/2009/03/13/1236447439103.html

US Moves to suppress evidence in Gitmo Trial: http://www.theage.com.au/world/us-moves-to-suppress-evidence-in-gitmo-trial-20090205-7yxl.html?page=2

UN report condemns Britain over torture cases: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/mar/09/torture-guantanamo-rendition



Again, when I write about the complex relationship between the different ethnic group in China through the passage of history, you have to question me for using the term “tons of examples”. This again show that you are totally uninformed and without any knowledge about the 3000 years of written history in China.


I would suggest that you spend a bit of your leisure time to read:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/China , If you read Chinese, I may recommend you a serious of book titles printed both in Taiwan and the mainland.


My grammar and sentence structure seem to become part of the excuse for you to reject my right to access your web site. However, please allow me to remind you the following:


In your recruitment process, you are not interested in your student language background or education background. Under the heading “What’s Required On Your Part?” in your Academy “PROSPETUS”, you listed 3 quality to become a professional freelance writer:


An interest in writing


The Willingness to learn


Again, in your enrolment form, you only required us to fill in a one-page Tutor information form. One of the info you asked was: “As I see them, these will be my strengths and weaknesses throughout the Course”.


Please check your record, I stated in this form about my weakness as “Weakness in Grammars (English was my 2nd language during my education in Singapore).


 Again, in your Academy tutorial material (Tutorial 2, pg 49) under the heading “What Sub-editing Is”, you have the following statement:


Ideally, the first sub-editor to tackle your copy will edit for structure and sense, grammar and punctuation.

Then a second sub-editor will make your story fit the layout, cutting it, choosing ‘pull quotes’… and writing captions.

Once this is done, the chief sub-editor will make sure your article reads properly in the context of the magazine and is in the ‘house style’, which means things such as capitalisation, spellings, abbreviations and number……

Regardless of how fantastic your story is, it will receive this kind of treatment………However, … spending time to reworking your articles before filing will undoubtedly improve your writing and make you a more valued freelancer.


As you may be observe from the above 3 points, you shouldn’t make me feel inferior due to my level of English language at this stage. As your course emphasis, “the more you write, the better you are.” I am doing just that. I simply need time to become better and better.


 You also mentioned in your attachment that, “Your articles are comment pieces, Some of this includes political comment. I don’t believe you have quoted anyone in any of your copy”. Please allow me to draw to your attention the following facts:


Regarding the issue of Tibet, Can’t you find the part where I used British Foreign Secretary word “anachronism” as quote? I even add a hyperlink to the word “anachronism “ so that with one click will direct you to the British Newspaper that reported the news.

Can’t you also find my quote on Professor Liu Ji’s speeches about “direct election at village level” in China?

There are so many facts that I directly quoted my sources in the article “Understand China”. E.g., Quoted from the writer, Gavin Menzies about General Zheng He, and Kenneth Conboy and James Morrison on CIA activities in Tibet, etc.




I have already wasted enough of my time over the last few weeks trying to fight for my basic legal rights to access your website for resources and submit articles. I don’t think so I should be made to wait any longer for my legal entitlements. Your behaviour over the last few weeks demonstrated that you are short of being honourable, fair and unfortunately honest in your approach when dealing with me.


You should go through your own course material to revitalise your own memory and apologise to me for what you have done to me so far.


In your tutorial material, at the bottom of page 89 of tutorial 2, it was stated that: “there is no right or wrong way to approach writing an article. The correct way is almost always subjective”.

In pg 19 (Tutorial six) under the heading “Identifying Angles”, it was stated that “Every story, no matter how simple, has innumerable angles. These are the different approaches you might take to it. In writing about a topic from one angle as opposed to another, you may, of course, uncover more related stories……” and “each of these angles is a story in its own right, yet they are all based on one event. Further exploration could yield even more story ideas.”

A good freelance writer should not aim to create great literature like Ernest Hemingway…….trying to achieve one or all of these things will work against you (Tutorial 1, page 15)

In tutorial 1, pg 13, as a freelance writer, we sales “ideas” first … and many more….


In tutorial 1 assignment 1, we were asked to pick up a news item or article on a subject that interest us, and then study the published item we have selected and try to develop three articles ideas based on what we are reading.


The fact is, the process of selecting an angle itself constituted an opinion. Is there a so-called “opinion free” article?


There are many other comment you made on my article “Understand China” is so subjective and unreasonable that, one of my customer whom I invited to provide me his opinion,  after reading your remark, ask me to tell you that “You are trying to built mountain out of a Molehill”.  Therefore, it is not worst my effort to address those issues one by one. If you wan to insist that I should address your remark on China corruption, unemployment, forced resettlement.. and the Kurdish population in Iraq. etc, please let me know and I will again promise to give you a convincing reply with links and references. I am capable of writing any of these issues into a full length article by itself.


Because of the way you claim that “editors and readers are not interested in my material”, I have show my rejected articles to many Australian. I can assure you that most Australian are more open minded to the issue of their government human right history then you.


You may notice that over the last few weeks, you have consistently making subjective and baseless statement that  are unable to substantiate scrutiny. As for my side, the statement I made can easy be supported by further facts.


You claim in your website that you have freelancers over 80 country and territories, and in your e-mail dated 26/02/09,  you claim to have the contacts of 25,000 newspaper and magazine editors. However, when come to article submission from me, you want to personally screen through each and every of my works through your personal e-mail admin@internationalnewssyndicate.com, You are certainly a very busy man, you are in the business to decide on behalf of 25,000 editors across the world whether or not they should be given the chance to read any of my articles and commission me. You seem to assume that all the editors throughout the world will be thinking the same like you.


From the content of this letter, if you treasure talent, you should realise that, I am not the “tom, dick and harry” kind of Journalist. I am full of energy (despite working full time- 6 days a work), have a strong passion and motivation to write and the skill to research. I do not compromise my believe in order to make a few $ (commission).


I passionately believe that with my work experience accumulated in a number of countries over the years, the people I get in touch with including professional, homeless, people from mental hospital, lonely elderly and problem teenagers, and the books I read including poverty problem in developing countries, water problem in Australia, different system of government, conflict across the world (current and past), etc. I have the kind of knowledge and experience that place me in an enormously powerful  position to share my experience that will not only help make Australia stronger, but more open in the way they see the world.  


If America can accept Noam Chomsky, I believe that a country that value fair go and free speech like Australia will be able to accept me.


Australian Journalist and now a Professor in an University, Peter Manning in his book “US AND THEM” rightly pointed out the bias report about Muslim and the Middle east in the western media, my assignment in tutorial 11, pointed out the media bias against China with supporting facts and links to my sources. I should not be punished for telling the truth.


If after all these, I am still not able to gain full access to my legal entitlement within the next few days, I am afraid, you are putting yourself in a point of no return. That is, there will be no more good will from me. I will do whatever necessary outside your jurisdiction to gain justice.


Hope that you can understand my frustration. I have done nothing wrong throughout the whole incident and I should not be put in such a situation.


If I did not hear from you again by Monday with my full entitlement. I will not contact you again. I will simply take whatever action necessary to defence my right.



Thank you.



Kind regards


Wei Ling Chua



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