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Hong Kong’s Cage people Vs Homeless in Australia and USA

- in response to SBS relenting way of demonising China

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  Building a better world through exploring the weaknesses and strengths of different political system

  Anti-exploitation of developing countries


   Promote fairness and justice in international relations

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Our Strategy:

   Using facts and figures to directly compare varies issues such as human rights, minority policy, war crimes etc, between the accusers and those being accused to eliminate bigotry and racism at International level.

Method 5: Using small stories to demonise another culture or country.


This article aim to demonstrate to you how easy it was to discredit another culture or country by using small stories and then inserted the editor or producer own remark to make the other party looks bad.


Reader should note that, each and every time, when a major event coming up in China such as the 2008 Beijing Olympic Game and the recent 60th National Day Celebration, Western Media will run a series of daily program or news using small stories to tell you how bad the Communist party are without telling you the massive achievement the Communist Party have done to improve the living standard and welfare of its citizens from the dire conditions they inherited 60 years ago - after more then 100 years of Western invasion and exploitation begin with the Opium War launched by the Colonial Master—Britain in 1840-42.


As usual, one week leading up to the celebration of the 60th Birthday of the People Republic of China (1 Oct 2009), SBS launched a series of daily news and special broadcast to demonise China.  I find the tactic to blame China over the welfare of the cage people in Hong Kong especially hypocritical, double standard and unbelievable.


Background story of the Cage People:


This is the link to the SBS Video on Hong Kong’s Cage people:



This is the link to the brief transcript on Hong Kong’s Cage People:



My Analysis as follows:


Note 1: In the Cage People’s Video, it was mentioned that there are hundreds of Cage’s people in Hong Kong. However, when come to the transcript, the figure has increased to thousands.


Note 2: It was stated in the Video that:  Rent eats up a third of many dwellers’ welfare payments, leaving them with just AUD$13 a day for food.


I have friends and relatives in Hong Kong, and I have being to Hong Kong a number of times, I travelled around Hong Kong by public transport and I can responsibly assure you that, you can have 3 decent meals a day in Hong Kong with your AUD13 - You can eat out at most residential areas with warm delicious Chinese food (complete with meat and vegies, free Chinese Tea and free soup) for about AUD4 or less.  If you decided to cook for yourself, you may even be able to save some of the AUD13 for other uses.


The public transport in Hong Kong is highly efficient and affordable. So these Cage people can still afford to use part of their saving to visit friends at time.


The problem with the Western Media is that, they make use of their own audiences ignorance of the cost of living in Hong Kong to create a dire impression that “how those poor people going to survive with AUD13 a day on food?”


By contrast, if we analyse the cost of rent and food in Australia, the amount of welfare payment by the elected government (approx. AUD 420 per forth night) to our 105,000 homeless (ABS 2006 report). The amount is so miserable that most people cannot even afford a cage and yet have their daily junk food at McDonald. 


Note 3: The Video then moved on with a comment: The United Nations says cage homes are “unacceptable,” calling them an “insult to human dignity.”


There are 2 issues in the above statement need to be addressed.


1. The Cage People existed in Hong Kong way before China resume its sovereignty in 1997.  Why didn’t SBS concern about the “human dignity” of the cage people during the 156 years when Hong Kong was occupied by the British?


It has been mentioned in the video, “79-year-old Dai Yuen Po, who has lived in a cage for thirty years”. This  piece of information suggested to me that, 79 year-old Dai Yuen Po had been living in the cage for at least 18 years under the British.


2. I hated to take pictures of how those homeless people spend their night in Australia. I would like to urge my fellow journalism colleagues who work for the mainstream media in Australia , if you care about the misfortune of our more then 100,000 fellow homeless brothers and sisters across the country, you should begin to seek them out at night at the Parks; underneath a bridge; streets and side lances along major and regional CBD shop fronts or dark corners;  or the surrounding of any Charity organisation where food are hand out every day; or simply visit some construction sites or public toilets…..


Have a look at the condition these disadvantage people are living in our lucky country. In many cases, there is only one wall behind their back, and nothing else, not to mention about a cage.


Talk to them, see how they spend their day? Observe how they walk around senselessly with a bag or 2 in their hand each and every day? Check out where they wash their face and take their showers. Do something for them please. INS Director, Joseph Morris refused to let me exercise my right as an accredited INS freelancer to access his syndication website and list my articles for editors to read despite the fact that I was given an username and password in two of his separate e-mails. Check out my special note on INS website.


Note 4:  The video then move to a building with the People Republic of China National Symbol, follows by another statement “It is believes that part of the problem is Hong Kong’s lack of universal suffrage – only half of the parliament is directly elected – and so the rulers have little fear of public accountability.”


Come on SBS, give China  a break, you need to find more convincing argument then that. If democracy is so magical and important to your cause, why didn’t you:


1. Show concern for the Hong Kong’s cage people during the 156 years of the British rule? Why didn’t you criticise Britain for not giving the Hong Kong people their democratic right to vote throughout their occupation?


2. Now, have a look at the homeless situation in Australia. The very first time the number of homeless was recorded by ABS was in 1996, then 2002 and 2006. The 2006 figure was published in 2008. By comparing the figure of the  homeless in 1996 , 2002 and 2006, You will realise that, our democratic institution did not brought about any improvement towards the welfare of our disadvantage population.


            Mission Australia website has an article: Latest homeless figures reflect 'wasted years of inaction' (dated 4th Sept 2008)


American Homeless:


Few weeks ago, an American homeless man crushed in rubbish truck. The was how SMH (23 Oct 2009) reported the news:



Police in Philadelphia say a homeless man sleeping in a rubbish bin wound up in the back of a garbage truck and was killed by the vehicle's compactor.


US investigators say the truck collected the contents of the bin on Wednesday afternoon. The truck's driver activated the compactor a little later.


Police say the driver told officers he thought he heard someone say, "Yo! Yo! Yo!" but did not know where the voice was coming from. He heard the cry again, fainter, at his next stop and alerted authorities.


Emergency personnel declared the man dead. Police say he wasn't carrying identification but appeared to be in his 40s.

The man's death appears to be an accident and no charges are expected.



Reader should note that, Western media hardly mentioned the suffering of  their own disadvantage groups or showing you shocking images of their living conditions. They only mentioned it briefly when an accident took place or the release of ABS report or a speech given by their leaders on the subject matter. Whether or not, the pledged by their political leader to do something for the disadvantage convert into real action, no body care to follows up.


Like the above case of an American homeless man sleeping in a rubbish bin and later killed in a garbage truck, Sydney Morning Herald only reported the news without raising any questions or remark to demonised the American government such as:


· How many homeless people in America?

· Why do the poor man have to sleep in a rubbish bin?

· Is it because of the cold weather that left him with no choice but to bear with the stinking smell of rotten meat and vegies in the rubbish bin to survive the night?

· Why don’t the American government use a friction of its huge military budget to help its own citizens?


Imagine, if the media throughout the world could used their soft power looking after their own disadvantage, using their resources to collect and brainstorm ideas from around the country and push their own government to do something for the weak, I believe that we will have a better world then.


Why spend so much of your resources and manpower to demonise another culture and country? I cannot see how you can benefit from it, beside having some personal satisfaction as a typical racist, perhaps.



Written on 9 Nov. 2009


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