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Demonization of China by the Western Media

An Issue of Deliberate Distortion (1)

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Our Strategy:

   Using facts and figures to directly compare varies issues such as human rights, minority policy, war crimes etc, between the accusers and those being accused to eliminate bigotry and racism at International level.

YouTube provided a wealth of resources in studying media distortion throughout the Western World. You will find video with specific complaint about media bias in the West from all over the world. For examples, the Russian complaint about the media distorting report during the 2008 Georgia conflict; the Muslim complaint about the media bias against Islam in the Middle East; Serbian about the NATO Bombing etc.


Below, I will select a couple of videos from YouTube proving beyond reasonable doubt that the systemic demonization of China by the Western Media is an issue of deliberate distortion:


Method 1: Creating story that was dishonest and misleading in nature.


The following YouTube video was produced within 24 hour to prove that BBC is creating misleading story to the World against China:



(Title of the video: James Reynolds, BBC Correspondent in Beijing, has no brain!)


After the video was produced on YouTube and BBC was confronted with the fact, BBC then put up an Editors apology on its website 2 weeks later in a way hardly anybody will notice:






































The creator of that video was not happy with BBC handling of the apology, he then produce another video:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EClLliEdfiM (BBC does not know what an apology is!)

Note: Australia media through syndication arrangement also reported the BBC lie, but when come to the BBC apology, Australians were not informed. Why? In fact, to be more accurate, the world were not informed about the misleading report against China in an appropriate and sincere manner!

Instead of putting their apology on their website in a way readers can hardly notice, BBC should have televised their apology and clarify the misleading report on the same news channel that televised the program.

The key strategy used by BBC in this misleading story is as follows:

(1) The torch relay in London began at 10.30am (London Time), it was 6.30pm in Beijing. Therefore the event of torch disruption in London should occur at least 10 to 20 minutes after 6.30pm .

(2) The evening news at CCTV-1 begin at 7.00pm (Beijing Time), therefore, it was reasonable that CCTV-1 have not received the report and images of the disruption.

(3) BBC correspondent in Beijing should have known that reality. However, he decided to go ahead to create that misleading story by interviewing people on the street of Beijing and then claimed that the Communist government tried to keep news of the protest off the air.

This incident demonstrated the mentality of the management of the Western Media. As a Journalist working for the Western media, you have to create negative news against China or any other countries they would like to demonise to get publish. Otherwise, you are likely to become an Outcast Journalist like myself.


Method 2: When Western Media unable to find interviewee saying what they wanted to hear, editor will add remark during their broadcasting to distract their viewers attention, and lead their viewers perception of the country they intent to demonise:


People think that BBC is objective in it news, but it is one of the worst manipulator of news in the industry. The following YouTube Video indicated that: BBC痴 Journalist visited Tibet, pick up their own interviewee without any Chinese official around. Their interviewee, a Tibetan, response positively to all the questions asked.


However, please note the following behaviour by BBC producer before watching the video:




BBC Journalist: 鉄o when did the feudal society end?

Tibetan Replied: 展hen Tibet was Liberated

BBC Journalist: 展hen was that?

Tibetan Replied: 1951


Note: Before the next question, BBC producer added the following opinion (remark) to lead their viewers perception of China:


的n front of the tourist, xx response was predictable.


Then continue:

BBC Journalist: 鉄o do you think it痴 a good thing that the Communist Party liberated Tibet?

Tibetan Reply: 添es It痴 good, 展e have our freedom now unlike before.




Now, please click on the following YouTube video痴 to learn by yourself first hand (less then 2 minute video):



(Video Name: 釘BC puts words in Tibetans' mouth!)


This is in fact, one of the many techniques the Western Media used to demonised China. I will provide more examples throughout this website as time goes.



Written on 1 Oct 2009




To understand more about the issues relating to Tibet and Xinjiang (Uighur), click on Free Resources for Western Journalist.


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